Your Guide to Solar Panel Cleaning
A solar panel or photovoltaic solar panel absorbs energy from the sun and generates electricity to be used in end-use industries. A solar panel consists of numerous solar cells. These panels need to be cleaned so that they function properly. In regions with heavy rainfall, solar panel cleaning can be deferred; but in dry regions, solar panel cleaning is indispensable. Major players providing solar panel cleaning equipment have developed various products for efficient cleaning of these equipment. The solar panel cleaning equipment market is projected to expand considerably for upcoming years.

Solar panel cleaning systems are an essential part of the maintenance systems of solar energy facilities. These systems help optimize power output and provide protection to installations against failures caused due to contaminants or improper maintenance, by ensuring regular cleaning of the solar modules through various low- and high-tech cleaning approaches. The use of solar panel cleaning robots is one of the most versatile forms of module cleaning, and is rapidly gaining more traction over more conventional methods, such as manual brushing. Given the vast array of robotic cleaning systems available in the market, these solutions are suitable across myriad solar applications, from car ports, to ground mounted, to roof top and floating solar facilities.

Wet Cleaning
Dry Cleaning

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