Agriculture Packaging Market Is Expected To Reach USD 6.63 Billion Registering A CAGR Of 5.56% By Forecast 2027

Agriculture Packaging Market: Is Expected To Reach USD 6.63 Billion By 2027 At A CAGR Of  5.56% percent.

The " Agriculture Packaging Market " research from Stellar Market Research provides a detailed study of the market from 2022 to 2027. Over the projection period, the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.56 percent, reaching USD 6.63 billion. The study provides clients with a thorough understanding of the Market's PORTER and PESTLE scenarios. The paper is based on a thorough examination of the COVID 19 outbreak's socioeconomic impact and the resulting global economic collapse. The market growth factors, constraints, and opportunities are also discussed in the report.

Agriculture Packaging Market Overview:

Agriculture packaging is the practise of wrapping or enclosing agricultural products in a suitable material to protect them while being transported from farms to marketplaces and exhibited for people to purchase. Agricultural packaging is essential for protecting and extending the shelf life of agricultural products. Every day, hundreds of pounds of edible food are thrown out owing to poor supply chain management. Every year, one-third of the food produced in the globe is wasted, amounting to nearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food. This large amount of food waste can be reduced with proper packing. Customers are attracted to high-quality packaging techniques, and it is an important component of marketing.

Agriculture Packaging Market Dynamics:

Consumers like flexible agriculture packaging, and there is a growing need for it. More than 60% of North American consumers are willing to pay for benefits like as food safety, supply chain efficiency, and transportation friendliness, according to the Flexible Packaging Association. Plastics, both rigid and flexible, are the most commonly utilised materials for agriculture food packaging. One of the factors driving plastic's rising appeal in this region is its lightweight, resilient, and cost-effective production. By enclosing a low-oxygen air mixture in a plastic package, modified atmosphere packaging keeps food fresh. This technology can be used by farmers, processors, and distributors selling in international and national marketplaces to extend the shelf life of their products by preventing germ growth.

Because of advancements in agricultural storage, the global market for farm packaging has risen. To prevent the degradation of grains and crops, the surplus output must be handled. During the projection period, this factor has had a substantial impact on the worldwide farm packaging market's growth.

Agriculture Packaging Market growth may be aided by less strict packaging rules that do not jeopardise food safety. Poor handling, distribution, storage, and purchase consuming habits are all blamed for large losses from farm to end customers. The lack of readily available packaging materials will be a challenge for the Agriculture Packaging market throughout the forecast period.

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Agriculture Packaging Market Regional Insights:

In 2020, the Asia Pacific region dominated the Agriculture Packaging market, with a share of 5.56 percent of the overall market. The key drivers of the rise of agricultural packaging in the Asia Pacific region are China's and India's increasing economies, which fuel the region's growing food need and hence generate demand for packaging. Similarly, as a result of its people's modern lifestyles and dietary requirements, the Southeast Asian sub-region has seen a boom in the processed food business. Because packaging is a major aspect in the value chain of agricultural food items, the global Agriculture packaging market has a potentially enormous investment opportunity due to the huge volume of output in the agricultural food sector in Asia Pacific.

Agriculture Packaging Market Segmentation:

By Material  :

Plastic Metal Paper & Paperboard Composite Raw Material Others

By Product :

Clamshells Bulk Bags Silo Bags Pouches Others

Agriculture Packaging Market Key Competitors: 

Amcor Limited (Australia)
Bemis Company, Inc. (US)
Sonoco Products Company (US)
Greif Inc. (US)
Mondi Group (South Africa)
Packaging Corporation of America (US)
NNZ Group (Netherlands)
LC Packaging International BV (Netherlands)
Silgan Holdings, Inc. (US)
Proampac LLC (US)
Flex-Pack (US)
Purity Flexpack Limited (India)
Epac Holdings LLC (US)
Kenvos Biotech Co., Ltd. (China)
Parakh Group (India)

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